Anne Arundel County Chapter of
The Bereaved Parents of the USA


The Anne Arundel County Chapter maintains a library of books, articles, and audiocassettes, on topics relevant to grieving the death of a child. Over the years, our chapter has built a substantial sharing library of books, articles, pamphlets and tapes on topics relevant to grieving the death of a child. Many of our materials were donated by bereaved parents, in memory of their children. When members find a particularly helpful resource, they often donate it to our library as a way of helping others.

These materials are for all bereaved family members to use, and are available for review and checking out at our monthly meetings.


We have completed an inventory of our library and we need your assistance. Our library is missing 14 audiocassettes and 190 books. We would appreciate your taking a look around your home, office, car, or wherever you keep your reading and listening material. If you have any of these materials, but are still using them, that’s great. Keep on using them, but do let us know that you have them so we can update our records. However, if you are finished with them, we would appreciate your returning them at your earliest convenience, so that others may benefit from these books and cassettes. If you cannot easily return them at one of our monthly meetings, just drop the book or cassettes in the mail, addressed to BPUSA/AA Co, P. O. Box 6280, Annapolis, MD 21401.

Check out the list of our missing Treasures*.

We will attempt to collect these books over the next three months. After that time, we plan to put together a wish list for our chapter. The wish list will include both missing books and newer materials. We have special bookplate for all new materials to indicate in whose memory the item was donated. We also plan to place a label on the binding to identify each book as belonging to our chapter in hopes that individuals can more easily recognize our materials. You may find donating a book to our library on a birthday, anniversary, or holiday is a rewarding way to remember your child.

Please help us “hunt” for our “treasured” materials.

(*Note that the list of missing books and audiocassettes is a PDF file and may take time to load.
After viewing the, close the window to return to this page.)

*NOTE: Adobe Reader is required to read the the list. If you don’t have the Adobe Reader on your computer, click on the “Get Adobe Reader” button to download a free copy. This will take you to Adobe's website. Scroll down the page. Under Step 1, select the operating system (e.g., Windows 2000) you are using in the box labeled “Choose a platform.” Click on the “DOWNLOAD” button and follow the directions.

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