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The Anne Arundel County Chapter of The Bereaved Parents of the USA is a self-help support organization. We are dedicated to assisting parents, grandparents, siblings, and aunts and uncles, toward the positive resolution of grief following the death of a child and to providing information and education to help others be supportive.

We gather to listen, to care, and to understand the process of grieving, as we heal and start our recovery. Our greatest strength as bereaved families is the unity we find in shared experiences that leads us out of isolation, gives us a place to “belong” and gives us hope that, together, we can make it.

We meet on the first Thursday of each month. No membership fees or dues are charged, and all bereaved family members are welcome.


You are not alone!




The website for August is sponsored by

Elvira & Tom McCormick

in memory of their son

John T. "Tommy" McCormick

March 5, 1981 - August 9, 2016




The website for July was sponsored by

Noel and Ann Castiglia

in memory of their daughter

Tria Marie Castiglia

July 6, 1963 - October 14, 1984




The website for June was sponsored by

Phyllis and Bob Sinex

in memory of their son

Owen Robert Sinex

September 2, 1993 - December 20, 2012




The website for May was sponsored by

Bill Regan

in memory of his son

William "Kyle" Regan

July 19, 1988 - July 20, 2016




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