Anne Arundel County Chapter of
The Bereaved Parents of the USA

Annual Candle Lighting Ceremony
December 9, 2018

Every year, at 7:00 pm on the second Sunday in December, group candle lightings are held around the globe.  Intense darkness of grief gives way to light as hundreds of thousands of candles spread their flickering flames to light the night in unison as all of the children who died  are remembered and honored.  The first candles are lit in New Zealand, and for the next 24 hours a virtual wave of light spreads around the world. 

This event binds all bereaved families everywhere in a show of support and compassion, one for the other.  Candles are a natural way to express our devotion; their symbolism is unmistakable.  The love that we have for our children and siblings continues to burn in our hearts, long after that love is gone from our sight and touch, and despite the fact that it is no longer reciprocated.  We burn candles to declare the ongoing presence of our children and siblings in our lives, so that they may not be forgotten.  Watching the flicker of the candlelight offers some comfort and peace to a tormented heart; at times you might stare so deeply into the flame that you are able to remove yourself from the present and spend a few blessed moments in harmony with your child or sibling.

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